Polmenna Barn

Then & Now

Our great grandfather, Josiah Tinney, immigrated from England in the late 1800’s after loosing his wife Ketura and his 16 year old daughter Laura to the flu epidemic in England to find a new life for his family.  He landed by ship in Montreal to catch a train to Arizona, USA, but because of a rail strike, he made contact with a cousin in Campbellford and came to  visit her. 


After visiting his cousin, and realizing how beautiful and similar the country side was to England, he discovered this property for sale, and after viewing it decided that this was where he wanted to raise his children.  He went back to England, packed up and brought his children and housekeeper, whom he later married, to Canada by ship and settled in and began to farm this property. His farm in St. Neot in Cornwall, England was named Polmenna and we are so proud to be able to continue with the Polmenna.


Blaine and Lynda are the 3rd generation on this farm and proud parents of 4 daughters, three of which were married on the property.


We love what we do and know how important and how special a wedding day is and we treat every wedding like it’s family.